Hostel Facilities

Normally all the candidates admitted to the MBBS and post-graduates medical courses and are not resident of Bellary local will be provided hostel accommodation. Separate hostel facilities are available for girls and boys. At present there are four hostels for girls (Charaka (18th block), Lailtha Vasathi Gruha (LVG), Adarsha (15th block), Prathiba with a common kitchen cum mess within the ladies hostel compound. There are five Boys hostels which include Santhosh (16th block), Prashanth (17th block), Sanjeevini (19th block), Sushrutha (20th block) and post graduate boys hostel with a kitchen cum common mess (Sampthrupti) situated behind Sanjeevani hostel. The admission to the hostels (girls and boys and Girls) at VIMS, Bellary is on first come first serve basis. The College authorities has provided basic amenities in various Hostels to make stay of the students comfortable to maximum extent. The boarders must follow the Hostel Rules and other instruction issued by the Hostel authorities from time to time. It is expected that the student and their parent/guardian must submit an affidavit given at the end of the brochure at the time of admission to the Hostels and they are also supposed to adhere to the same. The brief description of various hostels facilities are given below.

  • Shared rooms (2 to 4 person/rooms depending on availability and size of rooms).
  • Common bathrooms and toilets.
  • Mess.
  • Each student will get a cot, chair, table and a cupboard at the time of admission.
  • Filtered cool drinking water facility for each hostel available round the clock.
  • Round the clock security.
  • Availability of TV, newspaper and magazines.
  • Gymnasium.
  • Separate study room with inverter facility.
Payment of fees

Payment of fees to the warden office is only through bank chelan. The candidate has to pay the fees by filling up the chelan in the warden office and return the office copy to the warden office and get due entry into the office ledger. Loss of chelan slip may lead to non-entry of fees in the ledger and the candidate has to make a second payment. Make due entry in the office ledger after paying the fees to avoid such inconvenience.

Sl. No.




Fees at the time of admission




Caution deposit

Rs. 2000.00


 Single payment


Maintancence & development fee

Rs. 9000.00



Hostel rent  for 4 ½  years

Rs. 5400.00

Refundable during                        surrender of course

Monthly expenditure





Establishment fee

Rs. 400

Pay by 10th  of proceeding month

Boarders who are temporarily vacating the hostel for more than 1 month must intimate the warden through letter in advance.
Those inmates who fail to do so will have to pay a fine of Rs. 1000 per month in addition to other monthly charges.


Electricity bill

Dividing base 
~ Rs. 350

Pay 10th  of proceeding month


Mess bill

Rs. 1400 (girls)
~Rs. 1800 (boys)

Payment  by 5th of every month

Hostel admission rules


  1. Hostel admission is provided only to the regular students of VIMS, Bellary. Those who have taken seat through All India or State Entrance exam and completed the admission procedures in VIMS, Bellary for MBBS/PG/ Diploma/Super specialty courses only will be allowed to take admission in the hostel.
  2. The students must deposit the required fees at the time of admission and thereafter as decided by the authorities from time to time.
  3. The candidate is allowed to take admission only if he/she is accompanied by the parent/guardian. Candidates are not permitted to stay in the hostels prior to admission.
  4. Allotment of rooms in the hostel is completely at the discretion of warden subject to the availability of rooms.
  5. Forcibly influencing warden office to violate the rules set for the hostel over phone or in person or through any other means leads to forfeiture of his/her right to seek hostel admission and or expulsion of the candidate from the hostel. 
  6. Candidates and their parents/ guardian after admission must strictly adhere to the hostel rules and regulations given in the hostel brochure.
  7. At the time of admission candidates, parents and or guardians must abide to the specific rules (if any) set for ladies or boys hostels which will be required to maintain discipline or security of the hostels
  8. They are supposed to provide the following documents during admission.

a. Copy of admission order from principal, VIMS, Bellary.
b. Copy of all India or state entrance exam  allotment letter
c. Two photos.
d. Application letter for joining the hostel
e. Affidavit in stamp paper worth Rs.50/- signed by the candidate and the parent/guardian (pro-forma enclosed)
f. Original copy of the chelan of  fee remitted to the bank
g. Any other document required by the concerned authority

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